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G-sensor dvouosý, Model KATD


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G-sensor dvouosý, Model KATD
G-sensor dvouosý, Model KATD
Popis produktu
  •  - Miniature Size
  •  - ±2g to ±10g Range
  •  - 0 to 20 Hz Bandwidth
  •  - Ruggedized Construction
  •  - 2 Axes of Measurement
  •  - ±20000g Over Range

The KATD Series of dual axis accelerometers are designed for true inertial measurements on race vehicles or automotive test vehicles. The use of low bandwidth sensing elements ensures that high frequency vibration from transmission components or similar do not affect the measurements. Therefore allowing only lower frequency components to be detected and measured.

The sensors offer 2 axes of measurement with integral signal conditioning to give a standard signal of 0.5 to 4.5V which is ideal for most data acquisition systems. Different ranges can be fitted to each axis. Customisation of the accelerometer is possible to suit complexapplications.

Supply voltage can be 5V or 8-16V and low current consumption of less than 35mA.